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The following people took White Doves, bought food, gift-wrapped boxes and bags and delivered them to the church. Because of you all, people in need over the holidays had Christmas dinner. A huge thank you goes out to you for your kindness and for opening your hearts, especially at Christmas. Green Doves flew off the tree also. The people who took them made a direct financial contribution to Person to Person for either the Emergency Assistance Fund or for the Scholarship Fund.

The recipients of the Dove boxes and bags at Chester Addison, Optimus and Family Centers, all in Stamford, shared their lavish thanks and praise, going to great lengths to have us understand how important the Dove boxes are to recipients.

White Doves

Jim & Barbara Beall

Sue Benko

George Benington

Anna Mae & Chris Bondor

Sherman & Peg Bull

Laurel Carlson

Carole Clarkson

Alissa Colella

Barbara Dahill

Jenny Dellaripa

Linda Ferguson

Nancy Flournoy

Jennifer Frazer

Lisa, Andrew & Max Gifford

Tindley Gilbert

Serena & Doug Gillespie (2)

Allison Gray

Len & Cindy Graziano

Jennifer Gulden

Nick Guthrie

Cindy Hapogian

Karen Hanson

David & Donna Hill

Julie Hoffman

Ruth & John Laird

Janet Lanaway

Brian Lombardi & family

Michele McBride

Karen & Glenn Mierendorf

Sandy Mills

Jo Ann Nerenburg

Anne & Howard Palmer
























The Reeves family

Joseph Ruszkowski

Nell & Roger Smith

Bob Spangler

Ann Spilker

Lauren & Chris Tate

Sherry Tate

Joan Taylor

Kevin & Christina Thomson

Caroline Turpin

Norma von Jena

The von Jena family

Carolyn Wind

Eva Wingate

Green Doves: supporting P2P with a financial contribution:

Evelyn Bergstrom

Marion Blose

Gloria Bridgman

Ann Brownley

Peg & Sherman Bull

Daska Campbell

Carole Clarkson

Margaret Cooper

Jim Ely

Mimi Findlay

Kristie & Mike Godina

Libby Granfield

Nancy Helle

Elsbeth Johnson

William & Audrey Knobloch

Brian Lombardi & family

Linda Martin

























Connie Musa

Marlene Powers

The Quinn Family

Sarah Robinson

Judy Schurman

Carolyn Scott

Sue Sherwood

Ruth Swanberg

Bev Thomas

Norma von Jena

Gretchen Watkins

Ruth Witt


Thank you Drivers! 

On a rainy day too…..

Scott Beyer

Randy Ferguson

Howard Greene

Brian Lombardi

Glenn Mierendorf

Bob Spangler






































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